Splitting and settlement of colonies and Nucs

Detachment of old frames in the brood chambers and honey supers

Expansion of vertical/Langstroth bee hives

Queen mating Nucs

Standby/reserve honey supers


When the comb has not been used (before first use), it is most important to adhere to the placement layout.
Only in this way can we achieve an immediate result.
Applying the combs randomly during the first use may result in inadequate results.

ATTENTION !  Do not put in to hive randomly one or two Hexacells comb, for test. If you are really curious about what this product is capable of, please read and follow the first-use recommendations.

For the sake of illustration, here are a good and some wrong comb-layout.




Melting point

Elastoplastic wax blend melting point: 63-65 °C ( Beeswax 62-64 °C )


Constant data:

- Average comb thickness: 24.5 mm                                                                                       - Average cell wall thickness: 0.15 – 0.2 mm                                                                         - Cell wall inclination angle: 7° / comb side                                                                          - Average cell size: 5.35 – 5.4 mm                                                                                             - Average comb weight: 0.2 g/cm2


Product’s maximum wide: 450 mm

Within this upper limit we can customize the size in accordance with your order.


Benefits over natural honeycombs

- Controlled and certified food grade quality raw material

- Pesticide-free product

- Available at any time without loss of time

- Bees can work on it right away

- Using Hexacells combs new bee colonies can be established faster

- Using this comb can be ensured Bio quality of honey

- Quick handling of swarming

- Easy to ensure the establishment of replacement and additional frames in short time.

- Storable until first use  without risk of wax moth problem.