With continuous development, we want HEXACELLS to be utilized for any industry purpose, the same way as the natural honeycombs but with even better, improved behavior. Our goal is to expand the scope of our product so it provides solution in areas such as temperature tolerance, spin, honeycomb moth resistance and drone brood cell version.


A long-term goal for our product is to either reduce or eliminate Varroa mite infection, however, this development will take some time..

Our mission

The idea of the honeycomb that is produced and built by HEXACELLS – which provides solution to several apiary problems – was formulated about 10 years ago. As practicing beekeepers, it came to our attention that honeycombs can be quite hard to replace. Natural honeycomb building often cannot keep up with the demand caused by the replacement of old and overused honeycombs, the honeycombs needed for hosting new colonies, damage caused by honeycomb moths or loss due to diseases.


The pace of natural honeycomb building depends on the quality and size of the bee colony, the weather and the current state of the blooming flowers. Honeycomb trading is used to compensate this inequality in many parts of the world, however, that solution raises sanitary concerns and thus should not be supported. Thus, it has come to our attention that it would be worthwhile to come up with a remedy to these problems with a new, industrially produced finished product, that boasts capabilities beyond that of natural honeycomb and can be produced continuously and can be installed anywhere, anytime, regardless of climate or geographical location.


Our teams got to work to research and innovate en route to our solution.


The project has received the support of a technically and financially prepared company that not only ensures the development but also the operation and production conditions in the long run, with continuous monitoring and constant quality. Nowadays we work in a robotized, fully automatic production, we have achieved a significant production capacity with potential expansion.


HEXACELLS has reached its current state in several steps. Throughout the decade, there have been significant changes in production technology and the ingredients, weight and shape of the final product. Initial manual solutions are now automated and centrally managed that results in improved quality and multiple production capacity.


We have experimented with natural beeswax but the results were insufficient since the beeswax quality and quantity is highly inconsistent and the amount available is limited.


We have come a long way since the beginning of our research. We have kept the positive traits of the beeswax and developed a composition that eliminates the potential apiary problems. The raw material is produced in a food environment, from ingredients that can be found in natural beeswax but their quality is managed and consistent. The finished product’s behavior is technically identical with that of beeswax. The weight of the product has been reduced and approximately equals that of the natural honeycomb.


The product’s geometry has been engineered so that it matches the natural ones that are created by bees, including the depths of the cells, inclination angle and wall distances.