Hexacells Honeycomb for varroa mites control

What is this new thing?

With the help of long observations, research and tests, we have created a new version of the Hexacells Honeycomb product. With its help - based on our tests, the sewing infection in the hive can be significantly reduced, without using chemicals or using other labor and equipment-intensive methods (overheating, rotating nest). We chose a plant-based, natural ingredient that does not affect the bees or the quality of the honey. It is fundamentally different from the previously used methods. It does not mean periodic treatments, but is included in the hive all year round the Hexacells nest combs carry this protection.



The basic principle is that we do not target the adult mite population, but try to inhibit the reproduction of varroa. We are not trying to reduce the number of varroa by destroying them, but by making the odor that evaporates from the cells - which is important for the female mites and carries information - less pleasant for them.
This does not affect the behavior, reproduction or condition of the bees. Another advantage is that it is constantly in the comb, the effect is not campaign-like.